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    I’ve had problems with Titan Poker of late. Last October I tried to login but couldn’t remember my password so I used their “forgot password” facility. I was told a new password would be emailed to me – never happened. Tried a few more times – again, no emails received.

    So I email support and they eventually told I’d have to phone them to get it sorted. I ended up not getting around to it … until today.

    I tried their “forgot password” facility again with no joy. So I phoned them and after waiting about 20 mins on hold, I still didn’t get answered so I gave up. Went onto Twitter and tweeted at them. I noticed that there’s been no tweets from them since last summer. I also emailed them again – no response at all from any avenue.

    Has the business gone bust? Anyone else had any issues?



    Havn’t heard anything like that myself and nothing showing up with a cursory google search… If I remember correctly Titan is actually one of the skins owned directly by ipoker. Their website is still running and active etc so my guess is they didnt answer the phone because they decided that CS was a good place to do some cost cutting despite only one person being in the ‘department’ in the first place.



    I eventually got through to support via the titanbet.co.uk (not the poker site) website chat, and that was after several attempts.

    Apparently my email address had been disabled on my account. Not sure why. Also the mobile number on my account was out of date and so they couldn’t reach me on it.

    No explanation as to why the support phoneline wasn’t being answered or my emails responded to. I also contacted iPoker support about this matter (via email) and got no response from them either.

    I won’t be making any more deposits on any iPoker. I’ve been trying plo cash low stakes on there. The standard of play is the poorest I’ve ever seen in any form of poker on any platform, but as it’s plo the weaker players can still win. It’s just pure gambling by most of the players and I’ve suffered some unbearable beats. Low stakes plo is a mugs game. People WILL NOT FOLD and will call with a mile-wide range.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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