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    What does everyone think of the new WSOP main event sched? My gut feeling is it’ll be positive to have the final table play out more like a standard tournament, without the three plus months of hoopla and outside coaching.

    I’ve been away for awhile because my laptop bit the dust and it’s taken me this long to get another. I couldn’t give up on it until the final computer tech called it a lost cause – after all, I bought it in London with some of my winnings from the syndicate we formed, and the last tournament I played at the Fox!

    I’m still in the L.A. area – my kids and I are in Long Beach and I work as a professional poker dealer. I left the Bicycle Casino in February for a job at The Gardens Casino in Hawaiian Gardens. The Big mixed game moved from the Bike to The Gardens and it’s fun dealing to people like Barry Greenstein – he’s a gent. Dealing for a living is still not what I thought it would be, having ‘grown up’ in card games in Ireland and England – players in L.A. just don’t know or care how to behave in a civilised manner. At the Bike, having cards thrown at dealers was a given reality of every shift – verbal abuse was an hourly thing. The Gardens is more protective – not just the floormen but the other players will speak up – so life is better where I am.

    I loved your Changes blog, Joe. I look forward to the other stories you mentioned – 7 card stud tournament?! 😀

    Also – the hangovers have to be gone by now – what happened at the APAT event?



    Glad you’re doing well! APAT event was a drunken fail, but somehow we appear to have been accepted again next year. Although if we miss the team photo again, Captain Paddington will have to buy a lot of beer for the APAT staff 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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