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    Great, thanks. Party is fine, I’m ValleysGirl on there. Thanks for organising again.



    sorry mate, left it til sol this morning then shifted funds, so will be on stars, next day or two

    looked at parties transfer system and its more complicated than stars too, need more info than just player name

    they are all gangsters 🙂



    Cool – I think I scoop the highest scoring weeks as well as both leagues 🙂 Please ship to S1THL0RD (2nd character one, sixth character zero) on Stars.

    Thanks for running the league!



    Cool, no probs. I’m TheStrength on stars.



    Hi guys
    started new job this week, just got in half eight fri, not good lol
    funds sorted from party, only took them the five days
    im proper shattered and dont want to make mistakes, so will ship tomorrow
    after a decent nights sleep

    will post all info too re:winners and prizes



    Pretty much a clean sweep by CmonVardy

    All monies sent except Ironworks, stars would not let me send, message popped up saying, cant complete at the moment, any queries contact support, so will try sending later, if still problems will email support

    Low League

    1st CmonVardyLetsGoParty $56 S1THL0RD
    2nd Giroud awakening £24 barmybadger1
    3rd Premier Lead $10 TheStrength

    Highest scoring week
    CmonVardyLetsGoParty (197) $10

    High League

    1st CmonVardyLetsGoParty $196
    2nd Premier Lead $84

    Highest scoring week
    CmonVardyLetsGoParty (197) $40

    $50 xmas bonus

    1st cmonvardyletsgoparty (223) $30
    2nd ziggy stardust (213) $10
    3rd ironworks (192) $10



    Problems with Gangster Stars
    all transfers went through as pending as usual then one came back
    and i received this Email
    will Email support
    the bounce back was S1THL0RD total $302, Stars really make me sick, and im glad i chose not to play there anymore
    if anyone else has ideas around this then im all ears

    Hello Landybob,

    Your transfer has been rejected as we have determined that the funds you are transferring originate from recent deposits.

    Please remember that we cannot be used as a money transferring service and please also bear in mind that you should only deposit funds when you have the intention to use them at tables.

    If you wish to stake other players without playing at the tables yourself, then we recommend that you send funds to these players using a money transfer service outside of our site.

    Please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service by viewing the following link:

    If you are not willing to play with the funds, you are welcome to make a withdraw request.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Stars Security



    thought i would try to send in stages
    so sent £100 to S1THL0RD and it seems to have gone through
    so bear with me man will try to send another $100 after midnight etc etc

    oh how stars has changed



    Cheers. Happy to receive the remainder via UK bank transfer in £, transfer to another poker site, Paypal, Skrill or multiple instalments on stars! There might be a risk stars lock your account if you try the multiple instalments option?

    I would have thought the costs they incur acting as a money transfer service are outweighed by having the cash in a stars account which will earn some interest and may end up getting used on the site…



    im more than happy to withdraw the balance(in the past takes one working day) and direct bank transfer to you
    they are welcome to lock my account as long as i have no funds on there 🙂
    once upon a time ago i could not talk highly enough of stars, but now i am convinced they are a rigged gangster site
    just got in from a night on the town, will pm you my email and mobile number sunday, and you can send me bank details to either
    funds should be ready to send on Tues


    ps RIP stars 🙂



    just cashing out the remainder $202 which equates in gangster terms to £153.84
    hopefully you is cool with that ?



    Just to confirm I received no probs.
    Cheers for running



    Transfer on Party is fine for me – Ironworks1




    to transfer on party it asks me for the following

    Recipients account name
    Recipients first name
    Recipients last name

    i have tried sending it on stars but its blocking for some reason

    ps Everyone else fully paid up



    Account name : Ironworks1


Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 46 total)

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