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    ** Hand # 6922915552 starting – 2018-04-22 23:17:41

    ** ROAD TO VEGAS: Super Satellite (2 Packages GTD)[30320619]:Table 2 [Multi Table Hold’em] (200|400 NL – MTT) Real Money

    pokerfish13 sitting in seat 1 with 18,979

    —-HERO—- sitting in seat 3 with 11,855

    P0ker-Kid sitting in seat 4 with 10,408[Dealer]

    Diamond1girl sitting in seat 5 with 19,641

    Gringogaz1 sitting in seat 6 with 9,827

    Diamond1girl ante’d – 40

    Gringogaz1 ante’d – 40

    pokerfish13 ante’d – 40

    —-HERO—- ante’d – 40

    P0ker-Kid ante’d – 40

    Diamond1girl posted the small blind – 200

    Gringogaz1 posted the big blind – 400

    ** Dealing cards to —-HERO—-: Ah, Qs

    pokerfish13 raised to 1,600

    —-HERO—- went all-in – 11,815

    P0ker-Kid folded

    Diamond1girl folded

    Gringogaz1 folded

    pokerfish13 called – 10,215

    pokerfish13 shows: Kc, Kh

    —-HERO—- shows: Ah, Qs

    ** Dealing the flop: 5s, 4d, 9s

    ** Dealing the turn: Qh

    ** Dealing the river: 2d

    —-HERO—- shows: Ah, Qs

    pokerfish13 wins 24,430 from the main pot

    pokerfish13 had been fairly tight but had just won a big pot with – yes – KK (> JJ).

    I didn’t want to 3-bet as some players on the other table were already over £20k + chips, so I didn’t want to have to fold to a 4-bet. Also wanted the other players out of the pot. Was going for win and felt he would fold middle pairs+ (maybe even as high as JJ) and a10 or worse aces. Obviously I hit the near top of his range.

    Maybe I had too many chips to shove but it feels like my play was right.

    What do you guys think?



    It’s just how you see it at the time, is he really being a card rack?
    Or is he changing gears and starting to use his stack?
    But if you have him pegged as tight raising utg……



    cool song, but they look like shit.


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