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    Sorry for a bit of a late post (been a hectic week at work). Thanks Joe for the support again and to all of the guys for making it a brilliant weekend.

    There was so many highs, it was a shame that Punters Lounge had a freak year with so many players running deep, any other year I think we win the gold medal.



    What surprised you more Ranny? That we won silver? Or were allowed in in the first place? 🙂



    Echo all of the above, great weekend and thanks to Joe for the support!

    And despite Tony trying to rob me, we both managed to luckbox a side even ticket for the APAT WCOAP in Mankychester. Win!



    Yeah Rannny what was the surprise? That we didn’t get gold, I get that as we deserved it. Glad you went JUDAS TBH or we woud probs have got jade……enjoy your huge pussy at home :-0

    Your turn at the bar for 19 beers next time.

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Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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